The first Traveler's Guide To World Radio was a good idea; in theory. It was small (3¼"W x 7½"H or 9.5 x 19 cm) and easily carried, especially if you were traveling by air. It listed not only shortwave broadcasts to a particular city but also MW and FM frequencies in those cities. There was also a short survey of portable receivers and two pages dealing with worldwide plugs and sockets, which I found very useful. It was laid out as much the same way as the PWBR, with the time bars. The short receiver reviews were noticeably designed for travelers that needed a small, lightweight and inconspicuous radio that was able to make it through various checkpoints. I still found myself lugging around the WRTH and PWBR, even overseas.



Edition 1991
Print Country USA
Editor Andy Sennit
Pages 181
Receiver Reviews Magnavox D-1875, Sangean ATS-808/ Siemens RK 661, Sony ICF-7601, ICF-SW7600, Panasonic RF-B65L, Sony SW1-S/E
Maps No
Cover Design Areta Buk
Price $9.95

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15-Feb-2013 20:17