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    Another publication by the WRH/WRTH was 'Listen To The World'. These books contained various articles about DXing and SW listening and appears to have been published since 1950 until 'Listen To The World' was incorporated into the WRTH in 1976. In 1978 another publication made its debut, 'World DX Guide', which was in the exact size and format as 'Listen To The World' and was also edited by Jens Frost, but now published by Billboard AG, as was the WRTH.

    Below are some of the covers featured on 'Listen To The World'. Any links will be highlighted.


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    If anyone has any more information about 'Listen To The World' or the 'World DX Guide'; or has examples of other editions not pictured here, please contact me.


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18 January, 2019 22:33