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A comprehensive web site about the history of the world's premiere broadcasting reference source   

    Hopefully, this web site will turn into one of the most detailed and accurate sources for information about the World Radio-TV Handbook in all its forms.

    The World Radio Handbook has been published every year since 1947. The winter edition or first edition for 1947 was released in November; the second edition, May-November 1948, was completed in May 1948 and the third edition was printed for November 1948-May 1949 and was released in November. The fourth edition seems to be the first full-year edition printed, although there is still some confusion on this. The fifth edition covers both 1950/1951.

    If information contrary to this presents itself, I will immediately update this site to reflect the facts.

    The World Radio Handbook appears to have had quarterly updates from 1954 until 1959 known as the World Radio Bulletin. These continued until 1991, different only in name; the Bulletin, Newsletter and Downlink.

    From 1960 until 1971, the WRTH also published its Summer Supplement; which in 1967 and 1969 reached 184 pages! Half again the size of the yearly WRTH. 

    Another publication by the WRH/WRTH was 'Listen To The World'. These books contained various articles about DXing and SW listening and appears to have been published since 1950 until 'Listen To The World' was incorporated into the WRTH in 1976. In 1978 another publication made its debut, 'World DX Guide', which was in the exact size and format as LTTW. 

    It should be noted that this site could not exist without all of the help that I have received. I would like to thank Andy Sennitt, Jerry Berg, John Herkimer, Dan Henderson, Anker Peterson, Willi Passman, Harold Sellers, Andy Schmid and others out there to numerous to mention here.

    I am constantly looking for more information about the WRH/ WRTH. If you have ANY information that you think is pertinent to this site, please e-mail me at:


E-mail:  Terry Palmersheim, KT7DX




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Summer Supplement

How To Listen To The World


Equipment Buyers Guide


Traveler's Guide To World   Band Radio


Satellite Broadcasting Guide


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